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Enchanted woods project

Updated: Jan 18

Every time I visit the woods, whether across the street from my house or in my beloved Poland, or Door County, my imagination runs wild. I like to think that there must be various nature deities residing there, in the wild tangle of trees, or occupying the mossy pools hidden in the depths of the forest. As I walk on the soft paths covered with fallen leaves and smell the sweet and musky scent of the woods my senses tingling with anticipation, I feel that just around the corner I surely will find a dryad peeking out from behind the oak tree, or a naiad lurking in the green-blue waters of the forest pond.

These sensations born out of my fantasies brought forward a new project that will be twofold: painting various magical forest places and sculpting the unique creatures that reside there. Here’s the first chapter of this new artistic adventure, two clay sculptures of forest deities: A Naiad of Anderson Pond, and a Dryad of Blue Cliffs. Both places are nature preserves I visited with Julia last summer and they made a strong impression on both of us. Enchanted, for sure…

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