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Landscape and Floral Commission prices

I offer landscape and floral painting commissions in a choice of two different mediums:
soft pastels on an artist sanded surface, and oil paints on canvas.

Pastel paintings are mounted on an archival foam board but sold not framed.
Pastel paintings need to be framed behind the glass before you can display them.

You can purchase your pastel painting framed by me for an additional cost
(see the information), take it to the professional framer,
or frame your painting yourself if you are confident and knowledgeable on how to do it.
Oil paintings on canvas are done on a canvas and are framed for an additional cost and vary depending on the chosen size and finish.

I work from photos. I prefer to take them myself but if this is not an option I will require you to take 3 or 4 high quality images. 

I will invite you to offer your opinion halfway through the process.
That will be the time when you can request an alteration if needed. 

After that I will work on your commission until your painting is finished.

Here are prices for a Landscape or a Floral Commission painting in soft pastels:

  • 11x14  $400  

  • 12x16 $500  

  • 16x20 $650

  • 18x24 $800 

  • 24x30 $950

Framing costs: (add on)

  • 11x14 $165

  • 12x16 $175

  • 16x20 $200

  • 18x24 $250

  • 24x30 $300

To see more examples of my floral paintings please click here
To see more examples of my landscape
paintings please click here

Here are prices for a Landscape
or a Floral Commission painting
in oil on gallery wrapped canvas


  • 16x20   $650

  • 18x18    $650  

  • ​18x24   $800

  • 20x24   $950

  • 24x24   $1000

  • 24x30   $110

  • 24x36   $1,200

  • 30x40   $1,400

  • 36x36    $1,400

  • 36x48   $1,650

  • 48x48   $1,900

If you would like to order a commission, please contact me.

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