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House/Property/Garden Commission prices

I offer house or garden portraits in two medium options: soft pastels on paper, or acrylic on canvas. Acrylic portraits are offered in larger sizes and more impressionistic in style, while soft pastels are more detail oriented.
I work from photos. I will require you to provide me with 3 or 4 high quality images.

The artwork will be created using only the best highest quality materials.
11x14 format is for smaller, simpler architecture, like a cottage. Bigger, more complex buildings start in 12x16 format for pastel, and 16x20 in acrylic on canvas. 

Here are prices for a House / Property/ Garden Commission painting in the medium of soft pastels. 

  • 11x14  $400  

  • 12x16 $500  

  • 16x20 $650

  • 18x24 $800 

  • 24x30 $1,000

Pastel paintings are mounted on an archival foam board but sold not framed. Pastel paintings need to be framed behind the glass before you can display them. You can purchase your pastel painting framed by me for an additional cost (see the information), take it to the professional framer, or frame your painting yourself if you are confident and knowledgeable on how to do it.


Framing costs: (add on)​

  • 11x14 $165

  • 12x16 $175

  • 16x20 $200

  • 18x24 $250

  • 24x30 $300



  • 16x20 $650

  • 18x24 $850

  • 24x30 $1,000

  • 30x40 $1,200

Acrylic paintings on canvas can be displayed as such or framed for an additional cost.


Framing costs for acrylic on canvas: (add on)

  • 16x20 $80

  • 18x24 $90

  • 24x30 $125

  • 30x40 $160

If you would like to order a commission, please click here.

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