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By popular demand I now offer portraits. Celebrate the special moments of your life by having me paint the portrait of your favorite person, special occasion, or yourself.

You can also commission a painting of your house, garden, property, car or motorcycle, beloved pet, or a favorite wildlife animal. 
I paint the human portraits in the medium of charcoal, soft pastels, and oil paints on canvas. I use only the highest quality archival materials.
For an animal portrait I offer portraits in acrylic on canvas, soft pastels, as well as an oil pastels sketch.
Property/house/garden portraits are done in soft pastels or acrylic on canvas.

If you are looking to commission a painting of a landscape or a floral piece you have a choice of an artwork done in soft pastel, acrylic on canvas, or in oil paints on canvas (especially for those large size pieces you might have in mind)

If you would like a painting of a car, motorcycle, or other vehicle you can commission artwork in soft pastel/watercolor combination.
I promise to produce a piece of art full of color and character, in my signature painterly style that you will be proud to have in your home and treasure for many years to come.


To find more about Human Portraits, please click here:


To find out more about Animal Portraits, please click here:

For House/Property/Garden Commission, please click here:


For car, and motorcycle Commission, please click here:


To find out more about landscape or floral commissioned paintings in options of soft pastels or oil paint on canvas, please click here:


Each new commission requires signing a binding contract and a 50% down payment. The remaining 50% is paid upon the finished artwork.

If you would like to order a commission, please contact me.

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