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Madonnas of the World Collection

Women figures are widely present in the world religion. Starting with the pagan Goddess, through the ancient goddesses of Greece, Rome, Egypt, through the various female deities in Celtic, Norse, Andean cultures, as well as Hinduism, and Buddhism, worship of a Mother – ever nurturing was always there. Growing up Catholic in Poland I have my very own female figure that I hold dear to my heart whose guidance and help I have sought many times. My hometown of Częstochowa is also called A Holy City due to the presence of a Holy icon of Black Madonna that is kept in Jasna Gora Monastery, the most popular shrine in Poland. She is called many names in Poland – Our Lady of Czestochowa, Mother of God, and a patroness of special many days in a calendar year. She is worshipped on the day of Candlemass in February, has a whole month of May assigned to her as various liturgies are taking place all over the countryside meadows and fields, as well as many other days and occasions. She is especially important as a resolute helper of women, and their needs. I decided that I would start a new project dedicated entirely to Mary, paintings in a style of icons painted on wood surfaces, with each image focusing on a different motive. This collection is not meant to be a real icon artworks only my very own take on it.

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